Autism Pseudoscience: How providers can identify, educate and intervene to protect children



Autism Pseudoscience: How providers can identify, educate and intervene to protect children

Anne Borden King, an autistic health journalist will present a one-hour evidence-based LIVE presentation on the impact of autism pseudoscience on children and families. This 45-minute presentation will be followed by 30 minutes of Q&A and discussion.

Target audience: Therapy Providers including SLPS, OTs, Mental Health Counselors, Social Workers, Educators, Medical Providers, Parents, and relatives of Autistic children and young people.

When: July 13, 2023, @12:30 Pacific / @ 2:30 pm Central / @ 3:30 pm Eastern.

The course includes slides handout, a resource sheet, and a Certificate of Attendance

Presentation Outline:

  • Part 1: Autism pseudoscience: Hidden in plain sight
  • Part 2: The roots of autism pseudoscience—and why it is still so popular
  • Part 3: Direct actions that providers, educators, and family members can take to help
  • Part 4: Q&A/discussion

Anne Borden King

Anne Borden King is a Toronto-based journalist. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, Healthy Debate, and the Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism, among other publications. She is the host of Noncompliant, a popular podcast about neurodiversity. A co-founder of Autistics for Autistics, the Canadian autistic-led advocacy group, she has presented about autistic rights to the United Nations, the Canadian Senate and other government entities. She is the founder of The Autistic Health Access project, which educates medical schools about access for autistic patients. Her upcoming book, The Children Do Not Consent explores the world of fake autism cures as well as the troubling relationships between pseudoscientific practices and some university-funded autism research.


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