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Connect with Therapist Neurodiversity Collective in our dynamic online, on-demand professional development courses!

🌟 High-quality, professional development courses centered on the ideals of the neurodiversity paradigm that you can take on your schedule! Our live and on-demand professional development courses interconnect

➥ Cutting-edge contemporary research
➥ Neurodivergent lived experiences
➥ Ethical guidance, and
➥ Meaningful, practical recommendations and actionable insights

✨ Our priority is improving the self-determined quality of life of autistic and other neurodivergent people.

💡Gain a thorough understanding of trauma-informed, neurodiversity-affirming therapies and educational approaches while earning personalized professional development certificates of attendance.

    • You will receive individualized certificates with your name and the specific date and time of course completion along with the number of professional development contact hours.
    • Learn more about acceptable professional development activities from various credentialing organizations:

📆 How long will you have access to your course? Enrollees receive a full 180 days from the date of enrollment to complete their on-demand course.

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🔓🔓🔓 Therapy Neurodiversity Collective Members, unless otherwise noted, our live courses are included in your membership!

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