Embracing Neurodiversity: Transformative Strategies for Autistic Thriving in the Pre-K – Elementary Classroom (Live Course)



Embracing Neurodiversity: Transformative Strategies for Autistic Thriving in the Pre-K – Elementary Classroom 🌟🌟🌟

► Featuring: Trisha Thompson, Early Childhood Education Consultant

► Hosted by: Therapist Neurodiversity Collective

► When: August 22, 2024, @4:00 pm Pacific / @ 6:00 pm Central / @ 7:00 pm Eastern. 

► Audience: Therapists, educators and other professional seeking to enrich their knowledge of respectful, neurodiversity-affirming strategies to improve connection and engagement with autistic young people in the classroom setting.

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Do you want to learn how you can better support autistic thriving in the Pre-K – Elementary classroom? 

💡💡💡 Join Therapist Neurodiversity Collective on August 22, 2024 when Trisha Thompson, a late-diagnosed AuDHD Early Childhood Education Consultant and parent to an Autistic child, will present a transformative 90 minute professional development course on supporting autistic students within a neurodiversity-paradigm framework.

🌟 Course Description:

In this innovative and forward-thinking course, educators and therapists will discover neurodiversity-paradigm centered, affirming and supportive strategies that will help your Autistic Pre-K – Elementary students thrive in the classroom. “Embracing Neurodiversity” is designed to challenge traditional perspectives and introduce participants to a holistic approach that values autistic behaviors as meaningful and necessary aspects of identity. By the end of the course, participants will emerge with a profound understanding of how to foster an inclusive and empowering learning environment for all students, especially those who are autistic or otherwise neurodivergent.

🎯 Gain insight into

➥ What It Means to Thrive: Reexamine what thriving looks like and what foundations are needed to help autistic children thrive.
➥ Understanding Autistic Behaviors: Learn to differentiate between distress behaviors and non-harmful autistic behaviors, appreciating the importance of self-regulatory practices such as stimming and the need for regular movement breaks.
➥ Rethinking Distress as Opportunity: Shift your perspective on distress behaviors, viewing them not as “maladaptive behaviors” to be extinguished, but as signals indicating unmet needs, offering a chance to support and meet these needs effectively.
➥ Debunking Myths about Autistic Behavior: Challenge and rethink the traditional ABA definitions of autistic behavior, recognizing the misconceptions and embracing a more nuanced understanding of neurodivergent experiences.
➥ Total Communication Acceptance: Unlock the potential of total communication strategies to enhance your connection with autistic students, acknowledging and valuing their unique ways of expressing themselves.
➥ Preventing Meltdowns: Acquire practical skills in managing the classroom environment to accommodate autistic sensory needs and implement co-regulation strategies to prevent distress and meltdowns.
➥ Leveraging Monotropic Interest Systems: Discover the power of monotropic interest systems in supporting autistic students’ learning and engagement, focusing on their strengths and interests to encourage thriving academic and social outcomes.

‘Embracing Neurodiversity’ aims to profoundly alter your professional viewpoint on the communication and behaviors of young autistic children, and create enduring positive changes in the way you support and teach your students.

✨ Included:
☑ A comprehensive slide handout

☑ Course handout for reference 
☑ Certificate of Attendance for 90 minutes of professional development

Trisha Thompson is a late-diagnosed AuDHD Early Childhood Education Consultant and parent to an Autistic child. She has been working in the field of ECE for almost 10 years. Prior to becoming a consultant, she worked in various teaching and leadership roles. She has a Master of Science in General Psychology (non-licensure) and is currently working towards a certification in Applied Educational Neuroscience. Trisha is passionate about helping others in the field understand that neurodiversity affirming practice is an integral part of developmentally appropriate, anti-bias, and trauma-informed practice. 

By the end of this presentation, participants will be able to:

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