Intellectual Disability, Autism, & Neurodiversity-Affirming Support: Where Do Therapists Start? (On-Demand Course)



Intellectual Disability, Autism, & Neurodiversity-Affirming Support: Where Do Therapists Start?

Presenter: Holly Sutherland, Autism Researcher with The University of Edinburgh

► On-Demand Course: Learners have access to the recording and materials for 180 days from the date of enrollment.

► Audience: Therapy Providers seeking to deepen their understanding and application of neurodiversity-affirming practices.

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What do truly neurodiversity-affirming supports and therapies look like? And how, specifically, should neurodiversity as a concept influence therapist care provisions for Intellectually Disabled people with intersecting identities of Autism or other Neurodivergence?

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Environments, therapies, and supports for neurodivergent people are increasingly proclaimed by service providers as “neurodivergent-friendly” or “neurodiversity-affirming,” but what does that really mean? With a rising chorus of voices demanding neurodiversity-informed care, it’s vital that therapists become proficient in providing neurodiversity-affirming support for autistic and other neurodivergent intellectually disabled populations.

If you’ve ever wondered how to translate the theory of neurodiversity into actionable care steps for the neurodivergent clients you support, this course is for you!

Join autism researcher Holly Sutherland as she

► Illuminates why neurodiversity-affirming care is paramount
► Shares key insights on evaluating whether a support or intervention is truly neurodiversity-affirming.
► Explores the intricate nuances of providing your clients with individualized neurodiversity-affirming environments, therapies, and supports.

Master the intricacies of informed neurodiversity-affirming practices. Join Therapist Neurodiversity Collective for this evidence-based course and leave empowered!

☑A comprehensive slide handout

☑ Course handout for reference 
☑ Certificate of Attendance for 1 hour of professional development

Holly Sutherland is an autistic autism researcher and doctoral candidate at the University of Edinburgh. Her PhD focuses on social communication in autism – specifically, communication between autistic people, and communication from the autistic perspective. She is currently studying social interactions and communication in day support services for autistic adults with high support needs. She is interested in neurodiversity frameworks, lived experience research, mixed methods, and bridging the double empathy gap.

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