Reconceptualizing Autistic Stimming: Neurobiological Insight for Understanding and Support – Live



Reconceptualizing Autistic Stimming: Neurobiological insight for understanding, support, and well-being 🌟🌟🌟

► Featuring: Sarah Dwan, Autistic researcher and disability advocate 

► Hosted by: Therapist Neurodiversity Collective

► When: October 18, 2024, @8:00 am Pacific / @ 10 am Central / @ 11:00 am Eastern/ @ 4:00 pm Irish Standard Time

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► Audience: Therapists, educators and other professionals, parents of Autistic children 

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Do you want to learn why Autistic people stim, and how it contributes to well-being ? 

💡💡💡 Join Therapist Neurodiversity Collective on October, 2024 when Sarah Dwan, an Autistic researcher and disability advocate will present what may be a life-changing 90 minute professional development course on the neurobiological underpinnings of Autistic stimming and the connection with supporting autistic well-being within a  neurodiversity-paradigm framework.

🌟 Course Description: This presentation aims to challenge prevailing narratives surrounding Autistic stimming, shifting the perspective from one that deems stimming as “wrong” or “abnormal” to recognizing it as a fundamental and intrinsic human experience. By examining the neurobiological underpinnings of stimming, therapists, educators, and parents will acquire new insights, enabling them to provide more effective support for Autistic well-being.

    • Drawing from Autistic lived experiences, neuroscience, and contemporary research, this presentation highlights the critical role stimming plays in regulation, processing, learning, and communication. Attendees will be introduced to the nervous system, specifically the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches, learning about their significance in stress responses and achieving safety and connection. Special attention will be given to the vagus nerve, adopting Stephen Porges’ polyvagal theory as a theoretical foundation.
    • Attendees will discover that many common stims are, in fact, naturally occurring expressions for regulating the nervous system, often taught in self-development books. However, for Autistic individuals, they are pathologized. Additionally, attendees will understand how creating neurobiologically safe environments nurtures a sense of calm and enhances regulation.
    • Through a critical examination of societal attitudes surrounding Autistic stimming, attendees will confront common stereotypes and misconceptions, empowering them to adopt and advocate for more inclusive approaches. Guidance will be offered on how to support Autistic stimming rather than suppress it, promoting acceptance and understanding.
    • Through the lenses of the neurodiversity paradigm and polyvagal theory, this course offers a comprehensive exploration of Autistic stimming. Grounded in scientific understanding, it equips attendees with practical tools and insights to better support and encourage Autistic ways of being.

🤔 Do you know the answers?

Is society perpetuating harmful misconceptions about Autistic stimming by viewing it as “wrong” or “abnormal”? 
What is the neurodiversity paradigm, and how can it shape and enhance your approaches?
What is stimming and how does it contribute to well-being?
How can we facilitate open and supportive conversations about stimming that promote understanding and reduce stigma? 
What are the neurobiological underpinnings of Autistic stimming?
What is the significance of the vagus nerve and Stephen Porges’ polyvagal theory in supporting Autistic stimming?

Discover key strategies that will empower you to establish neurobiologically safe environments that that nurture a sense of calm and enhance Autistic regulation.

☑ A comprehensive slide handout

☑ Course handout for reference 
☑ Certificate of Attendance for 90 minutes of professional development

Sarah Dwan is an Autistic researcher and disability advocate currently undertaking a degree in psychology. With a passion for reshaping the narrative surrounding neurodivergence, she advocates for approaches grounded in contemporary developmental and psychophysiological research. Sarah is the Social Media and Communications Officer for the Psychological Society of Ireland’s Special Interest Group in Autism, alongside contributing as a writer for Neuro Pride Ireland, a grassroots organization dedicated to connecting Neurodivergent individuals and driving meaningful change.

By the end of this presentation, participants will be able to:

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