Neurodiversity-Affirming, Ethical Trauma Therapy (On-Demand Course)



Neurodiversity-Affirming Trauma Therapy: An Ethical Framework

► Presenter: Dr. Gabriela (Gaby) Hurtado Alvarado, Ph.D., a Licensed Psychologist

► On-Demand Course: Learners have access to the recording and materials for 180 days from the date of enrollment.

► Audience: Trauma Therapy Providers seeking to deepen their understanding and application of neurodiversity-affirming practices.
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Discover specialized trauma intervention practices, uniquely adapted for neurodivergent clients.

Join Therapist Neurodiversity Collective and embark with us on a transformative journey with Dr. Gabriela (Gaby) Hurtado Alvarado as she navigates the intricate landscape of trauma, particularly within the neurodivergent community. Learn how trauma uniquely manifests and impacts autistic and other neurodivergent clients, and delve into specialized approaches that prioritize safety, respect, and dignity. This on-demand course transcends traditional cognitive behavioral therapies, exploring and adapting trauma interventions like RO-DBT, DBT, ACT, and SE. Arm yourself with practical knowledge and tailored strategies to foster healing, resilience, and well-being for your neurodivergent clients. 

Course Highlights:

    1. Understanding Neurodivergent Trauma: Gain deep insights into the unique emotional responses and challenges faced by neurodivergent individuals experiencing trauma, including the prevalence and impact of PTSD among autistic and ADHD populations.

    2. Beyond Conventional Therapies: Explore the limitations of traditional cognitive behavioral therapies and uncover tailored, affirmative, and compassionate approaches that are adapted to the specific sensitivities and needs of the neurodivergent community.

    3. Personalized Trauma Interventions: Dive into the adaptations of RO-DBT, DBT, ACT, and SE interventions, learning how to effectively cater these proven strategies to support and foster healing among neurodivergent individuals in a respectful and safe manner.


☑A comprehensive slide handout

☑ Course handout for reference 
☑ Certificate of Attendance for 1 hour of professional development

Picture is of psychologist Gabriela Hurtado, who will present on ethical and neuro-affirmative approaches to trauma therapy.

Dr. Hurtado (she/hers/ella) has experience in the field of clinical psychology, with a particular focus on the mental health of Latinx/e adolescents and adults. Her clinical interests and practice involve crisis intervention, assessment and evaluation, and treatment of trauma and PTSD, and eating disorders. Dr. Hurtado area of expertise is the delivery of culturally-grounded interventions, as well conducting neuroaffirmative, culturally-grounded assessments and evaluations with immigrants and bicultural/bilingual adolescents and adults.

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